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You Found Us for a reason, It's TIme To

Help Real Characters Find Your Solution

Identify the drama
to guide them out of
their problem!

First, Flip The Funnel

We believe you are targeting real people. 

People who need to become aware of your solution. People who will actively evaluate your solution.

They didn’t fall into a funnel of no return. They are not passive.

They will take action if they are attracted to what you offer. They decide if they will climb each level of your customer journey. 

Call Viking Ventures for help to unpack their drama and give them the best experience with your product or service. 

Drama Development

Understand the Drama Your Main Character Is Facing.

Help Your Character Find Your Solution.

Let Your Character Experience Your Expertise.

Attract Multitudes Who Fit Your Character.
identify the drama

Identify The Characters' Drama

Gain clarity around the characters and figures that make up your target audience. What are the problems they face and how can we make them aware of your solution?

Key Output:
A Distinct Avatar, Problem & Solution

attract the character

Characterise Your Site

Review your website messaging to make sure it presents the solution to the problems your character is facing. Is your offer easily identified as the solution with a clear call to action?

Key Output:
A Clear & Effective Website

woo the character

Support Your Character

Prove your value to your target audience by giving them a taste of your ability to solve of their problems. All you ask for in return for your solution is their email address so we can nurture the relationship.

Key Output:
A Lead Magnet That Attracts Leads

multiply the character

Multiply Your Character

A website built around the drama your character is facing will effectively offer your solution and a valuable lead magnet. Now you're ready to attract and nurture character leads on scale.

Key Output:
Ad Campaigns That Deliver Results

Sales Nurturing Emails

Convert your newly engaged character leads and subscribers by nurturing a relationship of trust. Establish your authority as an expert and position your products and services as the answer to the problems facing your character. 

Organic Essentials

Establish your organic presence on relevant online platforms, frequented by the characters in your target audience. Navigate and prioritise social media platforms and key tools to connect and nurture relationships. 

Track Goals & Conversions

Know the path of your organic and paid character leads by leaving digital cookie crumbs. We help you setup Pixels, Tags and UTM parameters to gain insights and replicate audiences based on the most successful campaigns.

Creative Direction For Your Growth

Everybody knows they need to actively reach new people to serve their needs. Christer King Edeborg & Viking Ventures will help you identify how.  

Why Work With Us


We Give Your Team Direction to Develop The Right Content.


You Know Your Audience Best. We Facilitate The Process.


Three Decades of Marketing & Fundraising Experience.

Deliver Ideas

Add Our Experience to Your Team to Deliver The Best Ideas.

#1 ARIA Country Music Album

Our Focused Pre-Release Marketing Campaign Meant That WANTED by Jayne Denham Launched At #1 ARIA In 2021

Client Testimonials

“I've met plenty of wannabe's in the internet marketing space, but not Christer! He's the real deal.
He has helped us transform our digital operations and turbocharged our digital reach and contact acquisition. Christer has given us the edge!”
“Christer has been a real asset to our business across multidisciplinary areas, as well as being a joy to work with.

He is flexible and agile in getting the job done quickly. He is diligent and structured when it comes to preparing a plan to execute.”
“Christer is a dynamic thinker and fun to work with.

He is an encyclopaedia of ideas and able to strategically navigate the maze of marketing to our vision and values.
I'm a big fan!”
Sarah McCutcheon
Sarah McCutcheon
YWAM Newcastle

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